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When Fighting Illness We Need All the Help We Can Get


I have spoken with people who have lost everything because of an illness. Having to choose between paying rent, buying food or paying for medical care is stressful. The Kaiser Family Foundation reports that in 2016, half of all insurance policy-holders face a deductible of at least $1,000. This is the amount someone has to pay before their insurance starts paying and for some it is even higher. Almost 90 percent of policyholders deductibles are $1,300 for an individual or $2,600 for a family. Even my annual deductible is $6,200 and there are some that are $10,000 or more. Ask yourself, do you have $1,000 dollars in case of an emergency?

Unfortunately, the Federal Reserve Board, found that 44 percent of adult Americans claim they could not come up with $400 in an emergency without turning to credit cards, family and friends, or selling off possessions. This leaves people with medical bills that they cannot pay and often, in times of distress, basic needs can be hard to produce.

Even if you are not struggling, there is a good chance that someone around you could be and knowing who to refer and where to donate can make all the difference in that persons life.

There is help for people. Check these resources:

Check the Treating Hospital

Care Centers and Hospitals partner with nonprofits and charities to help their patients cover costs. Reaching out to them to see who they work with is a good place to start when covering costs before care and after it.

Questions to Ask Before Paying a Medical Bill

State Programs and Local Charities

When basics like food, heat and shelter become difficult to provide there are state social aid programs and local charities that can help. State programs can be applied for online in many areas.

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National Organizations

There are organizations that provide help for specific illnesses and there are general ones. Many of these programs, like state aid, depend on income levels.  The HealthWell Foundation can help with medical costs.

Find Out More on National Organizations

When reaching out to people for help understand that while it may seem easy to set-up a crowdfunding site profile and pass it among friends and family, it has been found that seeking the help of bigger organizations can provide more help in the longer-term. Crowdfunding makes private medical information public and when signing up to a site make sure to check the payout requirements and restrictions. Be cautious.



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Medwise Insurance Advocacy Founder Adria Gross: Featured Speaker At 92nd St Y In New York City In March

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MedWise Insurance Advocacy
To whom it may concern,

As I was seeking assistance with care regarding insurance issues and medical cost negotiations if this were to become necessary, I turned to the internet. I found Medwise Insurance Advocacy, Inc. and was immediately impressed. It was everything I was looking for when I started my search. I called the number immediately and Adria Gross the owner answered her phone and listened to the problems I had been encountering with the insurance company and phone calls due to claims not being paid. She was very empathetic and immediately took a valued interest in the issues shared. I knew that minute I would hire her to assist with my insurance issues.

I sent the necessary information to help Adria’s company to assist me with my bills, and insurance information. Once the information sent was reviewed, I received a phone call from Adria which lasted four hours. Together we called all of the relevant hospitals, clinics, and various small physician groups. We then called the insurance company and found the information sent to them had been enough to reverse their denial of coverage due to a pre-existing clause and the claims will be paid as of February 1, 2014. After hearing the information I was still unclear to the meaning shared by the customer service representative. Having Adria on the phone with me to explain the information was invaluable.

Adria has been a godsend to me as I have attempted to traverse through the difficult challenges of the insurance company and medical facilities requiring payment. It is obvious Adria truly has a heart for those families and individuals who are denied coverage and then get the run around from insurance companies. She also has the gracious spirit to help others. I have the utmost confidence in and admiration for Adria. In this day and time it is rare to find one who is more dedicated and motivated toward serving others.