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Consumer protection advocate Ralph Nader praised Solved!

Solved! Curing Your Medical Insurance Problems

USA Edition – Solved! Curing Your Medical Insurance Problems

Curing Your Medical Insurance Problems: “Who hasn’t been bewildered and outraged by lengthy, inscrutable medical bills and the tricky ways of the health insurers? ….Learn what to watch out for in this volume by authors who know the inside ways of sellers who try to take you to the cleaners.”

Some say, “You get what you pay for.” If only this were true! Too often, consumers find themselves paying much more than they expected, getting much less than they bargained for. Medical care is no exception. In their book, the authors show readers how to spot over-charges by providers, under-reimbursements by insurers, and inappropriate denials by insurers and government employees. Furthermore, they presented steps to take to prevent being victimized by “the system.”

And what is the system? In America, it is a hybrid of private healthcare providers, massive insurance companies, and governments at the state and national levels. Unlike Britain with its single-payer National Health System, this public-private mixed-breed creates the need for patient advocate professionals, who take up the cudgels on behalf of the medically disadvantaged and the financially strapped.

I [AGG] had to write this book. My decades of experience with medical practice billing and insurance claim handling rudely educated me about the high frequency of erroneous billing and mistaken denial of medical insurance coverage claims.

Problems with medical bills can cause a tremendous bankruptcy. If we had a system like “single-payer” [government-only], I would be out of business.

I saw how hard life could be for those whose medical conditions left them weak, confused, and sometimes impoverished, lacking the information and expertise that would help them uncover and correct unfair medical charges and inappropriate denials of their insurance claims.

Keep from being cheated by medical practitioners or organizations who would over-charge you, deliberately or inadvertently, and prevent your being short-changed by those insurers who would under-compensate you for your legitimate medical expenditures.

Multi-Payer Medicine Nightmare

International Edition – Multi-Payer Medicine Nightmare

Even the excessively slow payment of justifiable expenses can bankrupt patients who had no idea their medical care would be so costly or who thought they were covered by insurance, only to find that one or more of their doctors was “out of network,” making the patients “out of luck” and having to pay the full, sometimes exorbitant, medical bills. Knowing how the system works can help you speed up the process.

Baffling billing by hospitals and doctors combined with obscure exceptions, conditions, or requirements in their medical insurance policies leave many people feeling overwhelmed just when at their weakest.

I became determined to write and speak on behalf of the mistreated and the bilked, using the expertise I had gained in my decades in the medical billing and insurance fields.

I hope our book will bring valuable resources and needed reassurance to those caught in our modern medical money maelstrom.

Adria Goldman Gross, FIPC, MedWise Insurance Advocacy

Having fought successfully to win millions of dollars of continuing medical insurance coverage for my wife, bedridden with multiple sclerosis for over two decades, with around-the-clock skilled nursing for the past eleven years, I [DWC] was pleased to assist patient advocate Adria Goldman Gross.

Douglas Winslow Cooper, Ph.D.



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Medwise Insurance Advocacy Founder Adria Gross: Featured Speaker At 92nd St Y In New York City In March

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MedWise Insurance Advocacy
If a medical insurance corporation is stone-walling your claim, don't argue with them-- go see Adria Gross. Adria is not merely a top professional, she practically invented her profession. She is a passionate and empathic defender of the rights of her clients. She treats her clients like human beings and pays attention to their stories. She says that every case is different--I am sure that she devises a different strategy for every case. She certainly has a lot of strategies. She has spent years studying the system. She has a profound knowledge of the way medical insurance corporations work (or don't work) and she is familiar with both the legal and the financial aspects of each case. She stays on top of current developments.

We went to her because we were trying unsuccessfully to collect reimbursement for an emergency hospitalization that occured in a foreign country. (It was clearly covered by our policy.) There was a lot of money at stake and there seemed to be no hope of ever seeing it again. But when Adria got to work, the stone wall began to crumble. In the end, after months of stalling tactics, they finally ponied up the full amount. There's no way we could have recuperated the money if Adria had not intervened. She moves mountains!