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Adria Gross, owner of MedWise Insurance Advocacy, a medical bill advocate, was on WALL Radio, Mark West Show, in Orange County New York, from 9 AM until 10 AM on Wednesday, June 19, 2013 discussing the Current and Upcoming Health Care Laws and how it can affect everyone.  Take a look at http://www.wallhasitall.com/listen.html



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Medwise Insurance Advocacy Founder Adria Gross: Featured Speaker At 92nd St Y In New York City In March

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MedWise Insurance Advocacy
Last year, my daughter was hospitalized with a mental breakdown in the psychiatric ward for about ten days, and then was treated as an outpatient at the hospital for a period following.

On the traumatic Thursday that I placed her on an involuntary hold at the hospital, I realized that she would turn 24 years old on the upcoming Sunday, and her insurance as a family member under my insurance plan would end. So I had to scramble all day that Friday to get the insurance company to confirm that she would be covered under a pre-existing condition for her hospital stay. At the end of the day I had barely managed to be successful, and knew that my daughter could stay in the hospital without major financial damage.

After my daughter was discharged from the hospital, the hospital bill came, and it was $12,530.16 over what my insurance was willing to pay. After several months of trying to negotiate the bill by myself, I was discouraged and getting nowhere. Eventually, I was desperately facing a threat by the
hospital to go to collections.

I now know just how stressful it is to be worried sick about a family member, and providing care, holding down a job, while at the same time, having to deal with the confusing and byzantine world of health insurance coverage.

A friend of mine recommended that I try to find a "health care consultant".

I didn't even know that there were such people. After a search, I found Adria at MedWise.

Adria, quite simply, came to my rescue. She was warm and friendly and caring, and immediately put my mind at ease by explaining what she would be able to do. Adria was available anytime I needed to get in touch with her.

I sent her all my notes and paperwork, and she immediately got to work on my behalf. The stress of dealing with the bills was taken off my plate, and I immediately felt better.

Not only did Adria help with my daughter’s hospital bill, she was also able to reduce or have dismissed several other doctor and therapy bills that insurance was refusing to cover.

Adria has a stellar knowledge of the health insurance industry, and she gets results. At the end of her work on my behalf, she was able to save me a total of $13,370! It was well worth the reasonable rates she charged. I could never have been able to get the same results on my own.

I wish that everyone knew about Adria and her work. I can't recommend Adria highly enough. It is exceedingly difficult to be a advocate for yourself in health insurance billing, and Adria's expert advice is invaluable.