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Medical Healthcare Insurance-Related Financial Solutions for Attorneys

MedWise Insurance Advocacy – medical healthcare advocate for legal professionals on behalf of their clients.

MedWise Insurance Advocacy specializes in assisting elder law and personal injury attorneys with complicated medical bills, explanations of benefits, auditing & analyzing medical claims and liens, denied insurance claims, medical letters of appeal and more. We deliver these healthcare-related financial solutions to attorneys throughout the quad-state area of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania and beyond, to serve lawyers nationwide who are assisting clients with health insurance claims.

As licensed insurance brokers and insurance consultants, we are experts at medical insurance auditing and analyzing medical fees on health insurance claims, and evaluate Medicare, Medicaid, and private health insurance claims, medical bills, and liens. MedWise Insurance Advocacy will also examine all medical claim forms and medical bills for proper coding to ensure patients are receiving the reimbursements they deserve.

Our expertise allows you to:

  • Improve productivity within your practice by keeping your staff focused on its core responsibilities.
  • Verify whether medical fees are overcharged and/or injury related.
  • Save time analyzing your client’s medical bills and explanations of benefits.
  • Free up your schedule and boost your income.
  • Avoid being accountable for hiring, training, and managing additional employees to handle health insurance matters.
  • Expedite your clients’ medical bill errors, denied claims, and pre-authorizations.
MedWise Billing

When you retain the services of MedWise Insurance Advocacy, you’ll be able to concentrate on what you do best for your clients, while we apply our expertise to health insurance matters. Simply provide us with your client’s medical bills and we’ll do the rest. We promptly contact the insurers and medical providers on your behalf, reducing the stress and workload on you and your staff.

Case Study:How MedWise Insurance Advocacy Saved a Client $98,000 in Medical Expenses

The grown daughter of a senior citizen contacted an elder law attorney after seeing her mother’s enormous medical bills following two hospitalizations and stays in rehabilitation centers. The bills—from 13 different healthcare providers—totaled $100,000. Due to the overwhelming paperwork, the daughter did not have the time to go through all of them properly to track what her mother truly owed, and turned to the elder law attorney for advice.

The attorney called Adria Gross for help sorting through all the medical bills and ascertaining the family’s true out-of-pocket medical costs. Ms. Gross contacted each of the 13 healthcare providers and facilities and negotiated the bills with all of them. She worked out payment terms with each provider that allowed the client to pay a reduced amount on some; on others, Ms. Gross discovered where Medicare coverage should have been extended and she negotiated coverage as well as discounts.

In the end, the patient wound up having to pay only $2000 out of the original $100,000.

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MedWise Insurance Advocacy
Adria enjoys being a medical bill advocate and I believe this is the key to her outstanding success.

When you are overwhelmed by your medical bills and you would like to have a meaningful conversation about the charges you are faced with and what can be done about resolving them, call Adria. Talking with a person who cares about finding a way to help your family is such a wonderful feeling of support. Her enthusiasm to listen to your concerns and then investigate the best way to approach your bills becomes an uplifting experience, rather than one that is beating you down.

Adria offers a high level of customer service. She answers her phone and works on your case herself!

She works on weekends!

She lets you know when you will hear from her and she often gets back to you sooner then she anticipated.

She is upfront about her billing and tries to estimate how much time the case may take her.

She sent the contracts immediately and started to work immediately.

She takes each case personally and listens to your needs, asking a lot of good questions to understand every detail of your case.

Adria depends on years of experience to get heard by the right person and keeps persisting until she gets the answers she needs. She knows where to push to get money back finding errors in the bills you have been presented. She knows how to appeal to the bill collector's human side and helps them to understand what you can afford. She understands the personality of the people she needs to deal with and can speak their language making it easier for them to help your family.

On top of everything, she takes time to chat with you about your life and listens. She also shares heartbreaking and heartwarming stories of other families in similar situations with you. She is a fantastic storyteller and it is a privilege to listen to her life accomplishments and experience.